Business communication made easy


Simple to use, feature-rich cloud based unified comms

Firstcom’s Universe Hosted VoIP is a unified communications solution that brings together chat, voice, video and online collaboration in the one place.

These services are accessed by your choice of device. This may be fixed line phones, mobile handsets or computers.

Universe has an advanced set of features: Call recording, call transfer, call centre.

functionality, SIP internet connectivity, IVR call handling, call queuing and much more. 

Universe is a cloud-based service. This means that you have no equipment to look after. All upgrades are free  and automatic. You can locate your staff where they need to be, in remote offices, at home or on the move. 



Everything you need all in one place


Meet face to face.  Anywhere, from any device.



Connect from any device, mobile, PC, laptop.

Screen Share

Share your presentations and demonstrate a product.


Voice calls on your desk phone, mobile or computer.




The cloud is your office

One sign-on for everything. Use any device to share whatever’s on your screen with a colleague or client

Your computer is your phone

Make and answer calls on your computer with our intuitive Universe Softphone application

You only need one number

One number that rings across all your devices means that you never miss a call again

Record every call

Recordings  are always ready for playback when you need them

Encrypted calls

Safeguard your business data by adding an extra layer of Universe SAFEGateway security


One number that rings across all your devices means that you never miss a call again.






Universe Hosted VoIP has an amazing number of rich features

The future may bring challenges but managing your telephony should not be one of them.

Universe has all the features that your business uses every day. Call groups and pick up, transfer and short-dials, voicemail, call recording.













Meeting Space

Video and audio meetings

Online: It is like being there.

What can you do? Meet with other people. These can be colleagues or external contacts.

What do we do? We give you a space where you can arrange and hold your meetings in a structured way.

Features: Mute all others, raise a hand to speak, chat, stream or share video.

Participate: Use any device. Simply download the software onto a mobile from your app store.

Instant: start to share content in real-time. No need to email documents ahead.

Seamless: switch presenters with just one click. Use any of your devices to share your screen.

Visual: instead of explaining and idea you can show it. Great for online demos and training. Supports picture-in-picture view.

Efficient: Save time and money by working together online instead of travelling.

Connect with ease

Simple: our interface makes it easy to to set up and use.

Flexible: choose how you communicate.

Unify:  one office in the cloud for all your users.

Integrated: Fully integrated with the Universe cloud-based phone system.

Universe Softphone

for Windows & Mac

Transform your computer into a desk phone

Make and answer calls on your computer with our intuitive Universe Softphone application. Fully integrated with our Universe phone system to give you a fully featured communications system that runs on your PC, Mac or Android device.

Simple to use: answer and make calls with the click of a mouse. Transfer calls by dragging the caller’s icon to another user’s icon. The intuitive interface means you can easily see a colleague’s status.


plug in a headset or use your computer’s built-in speakers to turn your PC into an all-in-one communications system.


Universe for Windows and Mac delivers clear voice quality and seamless integration with company directory allows you to call your contacts with a simple click.


No need to buy additional hardware. No extra cables or power sockets; just run the Softphone application on an existing device. If you have limited space and budget then Universe for Windows and Mac gives you maximum flexibility and great value for money.

Universe Softphone

for Smartphones






Flexibility is freedom

Extend the reach of your phone system with our softphone for mobile application.

Use your mobile just like a desk phone. Developed for your Apple or Android device, you get a fully featured communications tool wherever you go.

Your Universe softphone will make, receive and transfer calls. High quality all the way.

It will show your colleagues presence, let you set your caller id, your group membership and forward any of your devices to anywhere you want. It will let you manage the company’s call flow right at your fingertips.

The Universe softphone will makes your life easier.







Flexibility and choice:  you get three installations of the Universe softphone when you subscribe. These can be deployed on any combination of desktop or mobile devices.

Easy to deploy: Users are provided with an easy to install download when their subscription is set up.

Superior call quality: feature rich VoIP with allows you to be professional and responsive from any location.

Intuitive user interface: no complicated menus to navigate, just simple drag-and-drop shortcuts and visual prompts.












Call Recording






Simple user level call recording

As part of the Universe product you receive an on-demand call recording feature. You can add Call Recording Pro to relevant Universe users that records all their calls.  The solution is easy to set up and financially attractive for businesses large and small.

Recording and playing back calls gives you an insight into customer behaviour. You can pinpoint any areas of misunderstanding. A recording can help settle a dispute or can act as a business transaction.

A recording is a 100% accurate representation of an event that you can use to improve your business and customer experience. Listen to your calls and remove any element of doubt.

Recordings  are ready for playback if you need them. You no longer need to worry about taking notes and can give the customer your full attention.


Record calls in stereo:  isolate one speaker in turn to establish precisely who said what. Crucial in dispute resolution.

Easy access and playback: Find an playback the most relevant conversations in your call logs. Forward calls to colleagues as email attachments.

Completely secure: Keep recorded data secure and available. Archive older recordings to free up space.

Simple to set up and manage: Administrators can set up automatic and on-demand call recording to user accounts from their portal log-in


















Encrypted IP telephony

Safeguard your business data by adding an extra layer of security. Calls made over the Internet are vulnerable to remote wire-tapping. We are experts in secure IP telephony and can help you implement affordable call encryption solutions to give you complete peace of mind.

We provide a SAFEGateway device as part of our call encryption solution. The device acts like a firewall to encrypt calls between your phone system and Firstcom’s network. We were the first UK service provider to offer fully encrypted cloud telephony.

Security to comply with Industry standards

The General Data Protection Regulation levies significant fines for businesses who fail to protect their data.

If you transmit personal data over the telephone you should take steps to encrypt this as part of your overall data protection exercise.

We understand call security and can help you take care of this as part of your journey towards compliance and best practice.




Wall Display





Tracking the performance of your service

As part of the standard Universe service “Statistics” are included that show the waiting time in the queue for calls (Maximum, Total and Average), the Answered Calls, Lost Calls and Average Talk Time. This is presented for you on charts by relevant time period from Today, 7 days, 14 days to one month.

Universe also enables you to see real time information as to how your calls are being answered with the “Wall Display” option. This includes all the information in Statistics, for a particular day, plus shows the agents

that are available, busy or absent and how many calls are waiting in real time.  You can choose to see multiple queues at once.

For outbound calls you can monitor the types of calls are being made and the destination of these calls for a particular period that you specify. This can be by company or by agent and can be downloaded onto a spreadsheet.


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